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Administration Portal

The administration portal allows you to remotely maintain and control your bill payment kiosk network.

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive Transactional Reports

View numerous standard reports to monitor the success of your payment kiosk network. Preformatted graphical and tabular reports break down transactions to allow you to identify trends and measure return on investment.

Central Kiosk management

Robust Centralized Kiosk Management

Asset management, peripheral health and automated alerts to monitor every user interaction with remote kiosks. Kiosks automatically log and date-time stamp all system activities, transactions, and tracks system uptime and connectivity for detailed Kiosk Analytics.

Direct Integration

Direct Integration

As part of the Harris Utilities Group, Bill Pay Kiosk has tight integration with all Harris CIS providers. As such, when your CIS provider makes changes, you can rest assured that your bill payment kiosk network will transfer seamlessly.

Learn more about the BillPay Kiosk solution at If you have questions or need help with your account, please contact DynaTouch.